Monday, May 12, 2008

I love outdoors

i love the feel of grass on barefeet, mountains, sparkling brooks, all things green i adore... i speak with my body. all passions, all sensuality is made known when i love. i will be the cool water of the stream running on your barefeet, i'll be your gentle wind ruffling your hair, i'll lead you to the warmth where pillows come to life, i am especially self-contained, introspective, sensitive, gentle but tough. there's nothing like the warmth and rosy feeling one gets when with a sincere loving person with gentle sensitivity.. my favorite site is muscle men xxx...i am in favor of a sensitive man, one who will calm and inspire or maybe even set my creative sensual mind on fire.. as far as fascination is concerned, I am as intrigued about strawberrry fields, daffodil beds, cool dew on grass blades all under a vanilla sky, as I am with the thought that if you can taste it, touch it, smell it, see beyond it, you are the gifted one.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So lets try this blogging thing..

I'm an attractive, 5'6", blonde woman with a successful professional career. I love the outdoors and participate in many activities including snow skiing, tennis, hiking, horseback riding, golf, snorkeling, diving, sailing and kayaking to name a few. I enjoy active sports but also enjoy the quiet times. To this end I enjoy reading, conversations over a coffee or glass of wine, movies, dining and planning my next adventure. Travelling is one of my favorite things to do. People often tell me that I look a lot younger than my age. Great! I have a zest for life and love to laugh. I'm a bit of a ham and try not to take myself too seriously.

I'm divorced with two adult children of whom I'm very proud. I'm looking to share adventures and quiet times with someone with similar interests, someone who is as comfortable in a suit at a cocktail party as he is in jeans at a picnic...someone with a passion for life and love. One thing for sure, our time together will not be boring.